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Kentucky Strengthening Families

Social Connections

Social Connections

Your family is not alone! There are other adults who may be there to support you and help you feel connected when you need it. Positive relationships also provide an example for your child on how to turn to others for help.

What it looks like:

  • Families maintain multiple friendships and supportive relationships with others.
  • Families feel respected and appreciated in their role as parent or primary caregiver.
  • Families accept help from others and give help to others.
  • Families establish connections and a sense of belonging with other families.

Everyday actions:

  • Demonstrate in multiple ways that parents are valued
  • Support parents as decision-makers and help build decision-making and leadership skills
  • Help families value, build, sustain and use social connections
  • Facilitate mutual support
  • Promote engagement in the community and participation in community activities
  • Arrange family field trips and activities
  • Work closely with parent advisory groups

What can I do?

  • Participate in neighborhood activities such as potluck dinners, street fairs, picnics or block parties
  • Join a playgroup or online support group of parents with children at similar ages
  • Find a church, temple or mosque that welcome and supports parents
  • Connect regularly with family, friends and neighbors who respect and appreciate you
  • Seek out family-friendly community events
  • Make time to "give-back" to others
  • Use social media connections wisely
  • Visit libraries with your child for story times and other programs
  • Attend events hosted by your child care program
  • Seek out a role model
  • Ask your pediatrician to connect you with community support groups