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Kentucky Strengthening Families

Parental Resilience

Parental Resilience

Taking care of a family can be hard work even if you are flexible and patient! You can help your family face challenges by managing stress and resolving problems. Taking care of yourself during times of stress can help your family be strong.

What it looks like:

  • Families exhibit strength and flexibility to general life stress.
  • Families recognize and value their unique strengths.
  • Families Identify themselves as hopeful, optimistic, and confident.
  • Families have strong problem solving skills.
  • Families practice regular self care to keep stress from interfering with nurturing their child.

Everyday actions:

  • Honor each family’s race, language, culture, history and approach to parenting
  • Encourage parents to manage stress
  • Support parents as decision-makers and help build decision-making and leadership skills
  • Create welcoming and supportive environments and build relationships with families
  • Involve parents in decisions about their children and program
  • Help parents understand how to buffer their child during stressful times

What can I do?

  • Take quiet time to reenergize: Take a bath, write, sleep, sing, laugh, play, drink a cup of tea.
  • Do some physical exercise: Walk, stretch, do yoga, lift weights, dance
  • Share your feelings with someone you trust
  • Surround yourself with people who support you and make you feel good about yourself
  • Take a "timeout" when you feel angry, lonely, hungry or tired
  • Use your talents and gifts
  • Turn to your personal source of strength like prayer or meditation
  • Give yourself permission to ask for help if you need it