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Kentucky Strengthening Families

Concrete Support in Times of Need

Concrete Support in Times of Need

When basic needs (such as housing, clothing, food and transportation) are met, you can focus on being the best family possible. Knowing where to go to meet your family’s needs can help you feel supported.

What it looks like:

  • Families sustain adequate financial security to meet basic needs.
  • Families feel safe in their living environment.
  • Families understand what resources their family needs.
  • Families advocate for and receive concrete supports when needed.
  • Families have information and connections to services in their community.
  • Families feel supported and valued when reaching out for help.

Everyday actions:

  • Respond immediately when families are in crisis
  • Provide information and connections to services in the community
  • Help families develop skills and tools they need to identify their needs and connect to supports
  • Build relationships with families, resulting in comfort in sharing their challenges

What can I do?

  • Make a list of people or places to call for support
  • Seek out programs that offer help (ex. Community Action, HANDS, First Steps)
  • When you find a helpful service, tell others about it
  • Know that it is okay to ask others for help
  • Build a small emergency fund
  • Find out about health care and social services
  • Learn your rights in accessing services
  • Attend community resource fairs