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Community Early Childhood Councils

CECC Webinars

The staff at the Governor's Office of Early Childhood is dedicated to providing high quality technical assistance for Community Early Childhood Councils. Each month subject matter experts are gathered to host a webinar to provide instruction to councils on a variety of topics.

You can access the material from these webinars by clicking on the information below.​

CECC Webinars
4/13/2016CECC RFA Webinar
When: Wednesday, April 13th
Presenter: Hazel Combs
About: An overview of the 2016-1017 Request for Application process to receive CECC funding from the Governor's Office of Early Childhood
10/8/2015Becoming a CECC Cheerleader
When: Thursday, October 8th at 2 P.M. (Eastern)
Presenters: Terry Tolan, GOEC Executive Director; Cindy Heine, Public Awareness Chair of ECAC
About: Becoming an Early Childhood cheerleader is important in continuing the momentum of early childhood progress in the state of Kentucky. This webinar talks about how CECC's can promote early childhood throughout the year and particularly during an election season.
5/18/2015CECC Grant Reviewer Webinar
When: Thursday, May 18 at 2 P.M. (Eastern)
Presenters: Hazel Combs, CECC Cheerleader
About: CECC grant reviewer webinar
3/12/2015CECC Strategic Planning - Part 1
​Part 1: Ready 2 Learn: Library Programming for School Readiness in Kentucky
Northern Kentucky University has developed online modules about practical approaches for working with children ages birth to four years of age. Presenter: Theresa Wesley, Associate professor, Head of Research and Instructional Services, Northern Kentucky University​
2/12/2015CECC Strategic Planning - Part 2
​Part 2: Strategic Planning with your CECC
Jennifer will share her experience with the recent strategic planning process the Casey County CECC went through. She will also be giving us practical tips for designing and implementing a strategic plan.Presenter: Jennifer Godbey, Chair, Casey County CECC, Family Resource Center Coordinator
2/12/2015Early Childhood Standards Online Training Module 2-12-2015
​When: Thursday, February 12th at 2 P.M. (Eastern)
Presenters:  Nicki Patton Rowe, ​chairperson of the Kentucky Early Childhood Standards Workgroup and Early Childhood Specialist with Simpson Co. RTC ; Amanda Wright, KET Early Childhood Manager; Mary Henson, KET Project Coordinator
About:  The Governor's Office of Early Childhood (KYGOEC), in partnership with Kentucky Educational Television (KET), has released a free online training course that aims to help early childhood professionals prepare children across the Commonwealth for success in school. This course is the first free training offering to support the new STARS quality rating system to be launched later this year.​
1/8/2015Kentucky Youth Advocates: Kids Count Data Center
​When: Thursday, January 8 at 2 P.M. (Eastern)
Presenter: Amy Swann, Senior Policy Analyst, Kentucky Youth Advocates
About: Join us Thursday to learn more about data available to you through the KIDS COUNT Data Center, as well as tools you can use to create charts and maps to help synthesize your information.​
12/11/2014KYGOEC Year in Review 2014
​When: Thursday, December 11 at 2 P.M. (Eastern)
Presenter: KYGOEC Staff
About: The KYGOEC staff will review this year's progress with discussion on Race to the Top, United Way Born Learning Academies, Strengthening Families and more.
11/13/2014Obesity Prevention
​When: Thursday, November 13 at 2 P.M. (Eastern)
Presenter: Rebekah Duchette,
Kentucky Department for Public Health,
Early Care & Education Project Coordinator
About: Obesity Prevention​
9/11/2014Choosing an Appropriate Developmental Screen
​When: Thursday, September 11 at 2 P.M. (Eastern
Presenter: Katie Shaughnessy-Williams, Calloway Co. Early Childhood Regional Training Center
About: Choosing an Appropriate Developmental Screen
8/14/2014Baby Teeth are Important to Overall Health
​When: Thursday, August 14 at 2 P.M. (Eastern)
Presenters: Dr. Julie W. McKee, State Dental Director; and Lacey McNary, Kentucky Youth Advocates / Kentucky Oral Health Coalition
About: Join the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition and the Kentucky Oral Health Director for a discussion on early childhood oral health.​
7/10/2014No Cost Low Cost Ways to Ensure School Readiness
​When: Thursday, July 10 at 2 P.M. (Eastern)
What: Low Cost Ways to Improve Kindergarten ReadinessPresenter: Rick Hulefeld, Executive Director of Children, Inc. and Chair of the Early Childhood Advisory Council ​
5/8/2014Toyota Bornlearning Academy
​When: Thursday, May 8 at 2 P.M. (Eastern)
What: Toyota bornlearning AcademyPresenter: Heather Dearing, Acting Director of the Division of FRYSC ​

4/10/2014RFA Q&A
​What: RFA Q&A 
When: Thursday April 10, 2:00PM (Eastern)
Presenter: Amanda Flanary, CECC Coordinator, Governor's Office of Early Childhood​ ​

3/13/2014Ready Kids Conference and Other Important Updates
​What: Ready Kids Conference and other important updates
When: Thursday March 13, 2:00PM (Eastern)
Presenter: Amanda Flanary, CECC Coordinator, Governor's Office of Early Childhood​ ​

2/13/2014Crafting your CECC Communication Plan
​What: Crafting your CECC Communication Plan
When: February 13,  2:00PM (Eastern)
Presenters: Courtney Daniel, Community Engagement Coordinator, Governor's Office of Early Childhood ​​

1/9/2014Looking Forward, Looking Back
What: Looking Forward, Looking Back
When: January 9, 2014 at 2:00PM (Eastern)
Presenters: KYGOEC Staff