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Kentucky Strengthening Families that can cope with the stresses of everyday life, as well as the occasional crisis, find strength and bounce back when life gets difficult. Sometimes, it takes a little extra help to get through challenges like having a car break down, managing your child’s difficult behavior or dealing with a health condition. Families who have support from friends or know where to go for help can bounce back and model behavior for their children. This website provides information and tips to help families stay strong when they face these challenges.

Families Bounce Back: Information to help cope with stress and bounce back from challenges

Families Have Friends They Can Count On: Suggestions for building social connections with people that you can lean on

Families Learn How Children Grow and Develop: Parenting tips on learning and celebrating what children can do at different ages

Families Get Their Basic Needs Met: Information to meet everyday needs such as housing, food, health care, etc.

Families Teach Children How to Have Healthy Relationships: Tips on teaching children how to build healthy relationships will provide life-long benefits

Families Make Sure Children Feel Loved and Safe: Information to help children build relationships