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Families Make Sure Children Feel Loved and Safe

Nurturing and Attachment

Juggling the demands of work, home and other responsibilities can be overwhelming and can leave parents feeling stretched. Parents can help their children feel loved and safe through small acts of kindness for families to connect and build relationships with thier child. Children thrive in a safe, loving family and you cna help provide a nurturing family environment where they can develop a secure bond with adults. This is the foundation of how they will build their future relationships, and it also helps predict future success.

  • Take time each day to connect with your children with a hug, a smile, a song, or a few minutes of listening, talking or reading
  • Find ways to engage your children while completing everyday tasks (meals, shopping, driving in the car). Talk about what you're doing, ask them questions or play simple games (such as "I Spy")
  • Be a good listener
  • Eat a meal together
  • Have back and forth communication with babies by imitating their sounds and gestures while keeping eye contact
  • Prepare children in advance for any changes or new experiences
  • Praise your child's efforts not ability (for example, I like how you worked hard to build that tower)
  • Allow your children to express their feelings in safe ways



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