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Families Learn How Children Grow and Develop

baby eating apple.jpg(Knowledge of Child Development)

Parents arent expected to know all the answers. Children’s needs change with age. Understanding how your child grows and where you can go to get the information you need may help you better understand your child and reduce frustrations.


  • Explore parenting questions with your family doctor, your child's teacher, family or friends
  • Make reasonable rules and enforce them every time
  • Subscribe to a magazine, website, or online newsletter about child development
  • Take a parenting class at a local community center (these often have sliding fee scales)
  • Share what you learn with anyone who takes care of your child
  • Know what to expect as your child grows and how you can best help him or her grow



Track your child's developmental milestones

Sign up for the Monthly Message e-newsletter from the Governor's Office of Early Childhood 

Request a free Parent Guide with tips to get your child kindergarten ready from birth

Download the Daily Vroom app for daily brain building activity ideas

Parenting Your School-Age Child (English and Spanish)

Participate in the free H.A.N.D.S. home visiting program for new parents

Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Contact First Steps Point of Entry Office for referral if your child age 0-3 has developmental delays or disabilities

Helping young children thrive- videos from Zero to Three

Children, Inc. video on dialogic reading