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Adair CECC
Contact: Debbie Cowan

 Adair - Recognizing that it takes an entire community to ensure that all children have the opportunity to succeed in school and life, the Council has prepared a comprehensive plan that use grant funds to provide such services such as parenting classes, a Community Baby Fair, family literacy opportunities, school readiness kits for families, support for child care centers and local trainings for early childhood educators and parents.  The plan will be implemented by council members and community partners.

 Allen/Logan/Simpson CECC
Contact: Lynn Rottstedt
Allen/Logan/Simpson- The Allen/Logan/Simpson Counties Early Childhood Council seeks to build the capacity for directors by providing development opportunities on leadership.  We will offer mini grants to STAR rated programs.  Child care providers will be given the opportunity to attend training on the topics of physical development and strengthening families and materials will be provided to all who attend.  A family activity event will be planned for community parents which will emphasize the importance of family involvement, reading, and working together in the growth and development of the child.  Our focus for 2015-2016 will continue to be school readiness.  

 Anderson CECC
Contact: Maria Rutherford
Anderson- The Anderson County ECC will seek to impact "School Readiness: Promoting Success through Early Childhood Learning Community Engagements" through three pathways:  Professional Learning Communities tied to training, mini grants, and coaching for childcare providers, strengthening families through training and a family fun Eric Carle Art Show and Bugs Life Comes Alive Night filled with hands on children activities related to literacy and STEM, and local school district collaboration promoting parental and childcare provider knowledge of the Brigance screener through Kindergarten Readiness Backpacks.

Barren CECC
Contact: Patty Gentry
Barren- Barren County Early Childhood Council will provide training to childcare providers and early childhood educators, as well as learning resources to promote academic/cognitive abilities, literacy skills and kindergarten readiness for children in Barren County.

Contact: Gloria Metz
Contact: Michele Johnson
Bath-The Bath Co. CECC will provide opportunities for families and child care providers to access resources, trainings and materials that will increase school readiness skills and awareness.  This will include Bath-The Bath Co. CECC will provide opportunities for families and child care providers to access resources, trainings and materials that will increase school readiness skills and awareness.  This will include school readiness workshops, training for child care providers and resource materials for day care centers. 

Bell/Harlan CECC
Contact: Kathy Black
Bell/Harlan CECC promotes alignment with the Kentucky Learning Standards and the school readiness definition by offering high quality professional development aligned with state initiatives addressing the needs of the children and families in both Bell and Harlan counties.  The CECC works collaboratively with community partners to encourage and enhance relationships between child care, preschool and the local school systems in an effort to increase awareness of school readiness and encourage family engagement.  Bell/Harlan CECC wants the youngest students in our service area to grow, learn and succeed!

Boone CECC
Contact: Lauren Kahman
Boone - Boone County CECC is intent on engaging and uniting early care providers, families and the community in school readiness efforts.  We believe that supporting our early childcare directors and teachers with relevant and targeted professional development and personal growth opportunities will improve school readiness, encourage quality early care practices and strengthen families and communities.  We also believe that school readiness is a community effort and we are focused on bringing together a broad range of community partners, families, schools and early care professionals to support school readiness and kindergarten transitions, beginning from birth through age 6.  We are providing several engagement opportunities for families in partnership with Boone County Schools, 4C for Children, Boone County Public Library and additional community partners. 

 Breckinridge CECC
Contact: Sherry Gregory
Breckinridge - The Breckinridge CECC will positively impact school readiness through:  ​Community Mobilization - address stakeholder partnerships and partner with all aspects of the community, including business and government, identify and meet community needs, gather and share data; and Supporting Families - host events and distribute resources that encourage home interactions of families, offer training for in home childcare providers, i.e. grandparents and other non-certified providers, along with childcare providers, offer parent education on the five critical domains of school readiness and share ideas for at-home learning opportunities. 

Butler/Edmonson CECC
Contact: Daisy Bishop
Contact:  Amy Hood

The Butler-Edmonson Counties Community Early Childhood Council (CECC) supports the OWL Academy as an outreach school readiness to children and families.  OWL (On our Way to Learning), a program designed for children (and families) not enrolled in other early childhood settings is an opportunity to offer a variety of learning experiences to assist families in understanding what kindergarten ready means.  In addition to the variety of activities all OWL children participate in a developmental screening process before entering school.  The CECC also offers professional development initiatives and other opportunities designed to build capacity among the child care directors and early childhood leaders within the counties.

Caldwell, Lyon and Crittenden County
Contact: Ashley White
The CLCCCECC proposes to increase school readiness in our area by engaging families, providing professional development opportunities, and increasing community awareness of the importance of school readiness.  We will partner with the Imagination Library and Born to Read programs in our area to provide families with free, high quality literacy items and child development resources.  We will also engage families by offering kindergarten readiness kits to all families with children entering in kindergarten.  We will provide two professional development trainings for our area early care providers.  We will continue to collaborate with community agencies to provide information about the importance of improving school readiness scores in our community.

Calloway CECC
Contact: Leisha Stetson
Calloway- The Calloway County ECC strives to promote early childhood education and kindergarten readiness to all facets of our community.  We do this by offering high quality professional development and community outreach activities in order to reach children in all settings.  By aligning our focus with state initiatives, we are working diligently to make sure that all children in Calloway County are socially and academically ready for kindergarten.

Campbell/Grant/Kenton CECC
Contact: Ellen Zimmer  
Campbell/Grant/Kenton- The Campbell, Grant and Kenton Counties CECC (council) proposes activities that will lead to greater School Readiness for the children in our community and are based on data provided by the Early Childhood profiles and what we know to be true factors and barriers for children readiness level.  Those activities include: 1) school readiness activities for schools systems, child care programs, Head Start and families; 2) Early Childhood (EC) Literacy Fairs; 3) a public awareness campaign to distribute the State's definition, 4) a physical well-being and family engagement program and 5) regional alignment of our developmental screening and continuous assessment.

Carroll CECC
Contact: Leah Spencer
Carroll- The Carroll County Early Childhood Council (CCECC) will host twelve events over the course of the 2015-2016 school year: six Panther Tots Club and six KinderBoost events.  These activities will link educational, family support, health, and community service experts with families in need.  By bringing families with children ages 0-5 together with educational and family support services, the CCECC will create a climate of School Readiness that will also impact students' home lives.

Casey CECC
Contact: Toyah Robey​
Casey- Using the 2015 Casey County Early Childhood Profile as a guide, the local council promotes school readiness by designing, implementing and evaluating innovative and effective activities  "Every Child Every Opportunity".  The Casey County CECC is actively working to assist with three capacity building school readiness initiatives:
  1. Professional learning and leadership development initiative;
  2. Family engagement initiative focusing on school readiness;
  3. Data analysis initiative for decision making.
Expected outcomes include increases in:
  1. Staff knowledge skills and practices;
  2. Family participation in their child's learning;
  3. Readiness levels of children;
  4. Local use of data.

Christian CECC
Contact: Paula Hampton
Christian- Continue Supporting families: parent education program within high poverty neighborhoods- School Readiness focus; ASQ expanded to child care programs to increase parent access to data; 1000 books provided to children attending literacy activities; LoveTalkPlay- everyday ways to give your child a great start in life and school given at Community Baby Shower & early intervention programs; milestone magnets disseminated during Reach for the STARS. New focus: Early Literacy-Sister Programs/mentoring to forge relationships between private and public programs, increase quality training access, literacy scores and number ‘ready’ for kindergarten. Backpacks with readiness resources given to school with lowest scores to impact both home and organized learning environments.

Contact: Chelsi Hinkle
​Clay - The Clay County Early Childhood Council engages communities and supports families to improve school readiness for children birth to five.  Goals include increasing the Kindergarten Screener Percentage, improving Domain scores, and increasing family engagement, resources, and support.  Activities include:
  • Promote community Mobilization through KIDS NOW networking/community partner collaborations to reach underserved children
  • Fund age appropriate materials and promote free Vroom App to assist parents in educating their children in all Kindergarten Readiness Domains
  • Advertise Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, Lending Library, bookmobile
  • Fund School Readiness Awareness and Parent Engagement Events
  • Promote filling child care/Head Start/Early Head Start and Pre-K slots

Clinton CECC
Contact: Sandra Pharis
Clinton- The Clinton County CECC will provide direct resources to families at their homes and throughout the community which will extend outreach to those young children who do not participate in formalized early childhood educational programs and enhance school readiness for all of our youngest citizens.  Targeted activities will include the following implementation of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library; initiating a Birthday Book Club and Prime Time Family Reading Program at the library; installing an Early Childhood Information Station at the local park; and extending educational opportunities through programs such as CDC's Go Out and Play! and collaboration with the Summer Food Service Program.

Contact: Debbie Messenger​
Cumberland - The Cumberland County ECC wants to improve kindergarten readiness by providing parents with the information they need to help their children succeed.  We do this by hosting and participating in community events and by handing out materials to the parents.

 Daviess CECC
Contact: Linda Wahl
Daviess-The Daviess County Community Early Childhood Council will promote school readiness through outreach to families with children under age five. This will be accomplished through the following: Parents are Building Blocks to a Child’s School Success Project: Building A Strong Foundation for School Success: Distributing the following: Magnets (School Success Magnets); School Readiness DVD’s; Activities Calendar for Families; STARS promotion- bus wrap; Project coordinator- invoicing, ordering; Annual CECC Retreat-2 people.
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Eastern Streams CECC
Contact: Nancy Combs

Eastern Streams Community Early Childhood Council represents Letcher, Knott, Leslie, and Perry Counties.  The council focus is collaborative community relationships to create awareness, provide trainings, educational tools, and information to promote school readiness focusing on the academic and kindergarten readiness through high quality training following state initiatives, increasing STARS participation through mini grants to childcare providers and through providing training to improve language and literacy.  Trainings and activities are provided to increase cognitive and general knowledge scores based on the Early Childhood Profiles.

Fayette CECC
Contact: Alice Nelson

Fayette -The Fayette County Community Early Childhood Council (FCECC) will improve outcomes for young children and families by providing parent education starting with the families of infants and toddlers in order to help prepare children for successful preschool and kindergarten experiences. The FCCECC will also provide resources to parents for child development, knowledge, and quality early childhood care, as well as social media presence in the Fayette County community for families and early childhood educators.  

Fleming CECC
Fleming-The goal of the Fleming County Interagency/Early Childhood Council will focus on the collaborative relationships within the community to promote School Readiness.  Programs will concentrate existing and future efforts on improvements of and deficiencies found in the Early Childhood Profile for Fleming County and will encourage stakeholders and child care providers with valuable data to encourage and promote the conversation of a community-based approach.  Endeavors include literacy projects for children and parents, school readiness activities for children and their parents, mini-grant and training opportunities for STARS rated providers. 

Floyd CECC
Contact: Melinda Hall
Floyd- Based upon the success and strengths of the previous year projects the council will expand upon the 3R’s of Kentucky’s school readiness definition (Ready to Grow/Ready to Learn/Ready to Succeed) and proposes to continue an awareness campaign through implementing focus events and an Early Childhood Fair in some of the isolated communities of our rural county along with media campaign to engage businesses and families not reached by current programs. A 3R Project Leader will be helping to coordinate planning for the events, maintain our website presence, and assist in the material preparation for the project.

Four River CECC
Contact:  Anna McCoy​
Four Rivers-The Four River Counties CECC plans to provide support, resources and education to ensure all children in our service area enter school eager and excited to learn. “Grow-Learn-Succeed”-Every child ready: Promote school readiness through dissemination of a community resource brochure and offer readiness resource libraries; Supports high quality learning environments through strategic use of incentives and professional development based on the five domains of school readiness specifically early literacy and math; Targeted family events and educational opportunities that build capacity for intentional engagement and kindergarten transition; Provide access to data through targeted community developmental screenings.

Franklin CECC
Contact: Lynn Baker
Contact: Erinn Conness
Franklin-The Franklin County CECC proposed to promote school readiness and the importance of parent involvement through parent enrichment camps and collaborated commercials with local television.  The council will provide Super Saturday trainings and a mentor coach to work with centers in Franklin County to increase knowledge and skill among teachers to enhance the classrooms in an effort to increase Brigance scores of preschoolers. 

Garrard CECC
Contact: Angie Wagoner
Garrard-The Garrard County Early Childhood Council (GECCO) exists for the purpose of supporting families and engaging our community in early childhood work in order to prepare our youngest students for success in school and in life.  During the 2016-17 grant year, GECCO will focus on two goals:
(1) Improving children's school readiness through involving families, and
(2) Increasing engagement and collaboration among community members to mobilize and maximize community resources so we will enhance readiness to learn.
The activities that will allow the council to reach these goals include identifying children born into our community or those who move into our community at ages 0-3, providing resources and contact information to their families, engaging families in training/mentoring sessions to facilitate their understanding of school readiness, and mobilizing businesses through the chamber of Commerce access untapped resources that can promote and educate the community about school readiness.

Graves/Marshall CECC
Contact: Melissa Elrod
Graves Marshall - "Leaping into Learning" is the focus of the CECC by expanding training opportunities and resources for families, promoting school readiness throughout the community to encourage parents to be involved in the child's education through the use of the five developmental domains; supporting learning environments by providing access for professional development in the areas of academic/cognitive and strengthening family engagement; encouraging STARS growth and involvement; and disseminating the Early Childhood Profile data in an effort to educate the Council's communities about the areas of need in regards to school readiness. 

Grayson CECC
Contact: Barbara Allen
Grayson - Grayson County CECC wishes to increase the number of children entering kindergarten School Ready.  The Council will accomplish this by mobilizing the community, by nurturing families, by collaborating with childcare providers, and by disseminating materials via local events to include: summer reading at the library, community baby shower, summer meals on wheels program, Head Start/Early Head Start health fair, United Way FRC bornlearning academies, school transition events, UK Extension Services programs, and Leitchfield Pediatric Clinic's Reach Out and Read program.
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Green/Taylor CECC
Contact: Sue Crabtree
The Green Taylor CECC promotes school readiness by building community partnerships to support development of young children in organized child care, and by encouraging family engagement for all children, and raising awareness of the importance of school readiness throughout the community. Council activities include distributing information to new and expectant parents at hospitals, Crisis Pregnancy Center, parent classes, Family Resource and Youth Services Centers, grandparent support groups, public libraries, and through Health Department programs, providing professional development opportunities for early care and education providers, and increasing early care and education programs participation in STARS for KIDS NOW.

Hancock CECC
Contact: Jessica Estes
Hancock County Early Childhood Council seeks to increase school readiness by enlightening and engaging the local community about the development of young children through local school readiness data; by equipping existing programs with staff training about social and emotional development; and enriching families with kindergarten readiness programs and connecting parents to valuable resources.

 Hardin CECC
Contact: Carlena A. Sheeran
Contact: Lindsay Seeker
Hardin County CECC proposes to support Get Ready! A summer programs focused on learning for children birth through age five; parent awareness of how children learn through play; and child care teacher training and support. We work to promote school readiness in children birth to five by supporting high quality learning environments and engaging families.  Activities include: offering Growing Up Wild, Project Learning Tree and Strengthening Families training to child care, preschool, Head Start and community members and children's book drive for child care centers.
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Harrison and Nicholas Counties
Contact: Sharon Price
Harrison and Nicholas Counties - The newly re-established Community Action Council Community Early Childhood Council proposes to host Harrison and Nicholas Counties - The newly re-established Community Action Council Community Early Childhood Council proposes to host "Dash to School!" - a series of parent workshops that will provide easy to understand information and age and/or developmentally appropriate activities that parents can do with their children to encourage and strengthen early childhood development and ultimately, school readiness.  "Dash to School!" will assist families gain an understanding of issues related to school readiness.  "Dash to School" is designed to empower parents to be active and engaged participants in their children's education.

Hart/Metcalfe/Monroe CECC
Contact: Jamie England
The Hart, Metcalfe, and Monroe County CECC has many community projects planned for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.  The Council will be supporting the community of families with young children by hosting in each county in the service area a Family Literacy Event.  At these events, families will be provided resources such as the school readiness postcards, a book for their child, and other community resources.  Sponsorships in the Dolly Parton Imagination Library will be provided and distributions of those memberships will be shared with families in each community.  The Early Childhood community will be supported with a local training on cognitive and language development with supporting materials to enhance their classroom work with young children.

Henderson CECC
Contact: Stephanie Dowell​
The Henderson County ECC is committed to strengthening the foundation of the early years by continuing/enhancing partnership with UW bornLearning driven by Toyota for 2 existing academies in Henderson County Schools, increase knowledge of Building a Strong Foundation for School Success, increase knowledge of Strengthening Families, Promote Imagination Library, Family literacy/math events in coordination with local community events, professional development trainings, promotion of school readiness definition and parent support in preparing from birth, promotion of positive environments for families, promotion of early childhood health and wellness, and expansion of developmentally appropriate opportunities for families from prenatal to age 8. 

Hopkins CECC
Contact: Jennifer Williams Luttrell 
The Hopkins County CEC believes that "Readiness Begins at Birth".  The council's focus is to share our community's early childhood profile date; strengthen the understanding of what it means to be "school ready"; develop families and childcare providers skills through training, learning opportunities, and developmentally appropriate resources; and showcase the resources our community offers to children and families.  During the 2015-2016 year, the council will sponsor Kidapalooza, the School Readiness Fair, Director's Learning Circles, Childcare Mini Grants and the Childcare Training Institute.  Based on our community's needs all HCCECC events will focus on the cognitive/general knowledge and self-help domains. 

Jackson CECC
Contact: Tiffany Grimes​
The Jackson County Community Early Childhood Council's goals are to educate and increase awareness of early childhood services available in our community.  The council will continue to provide Oral Health Trainings, the Dolly Parton Imagination Library (DPIL) promoting early childhood literacy and we will participate in community events. 

Jefferson CECC
Contact: Kate Schiavi
Contact: Tracy Thomas
Jefferson - The Jefferson County CECC collaborates with those actively meeting the needs of our youngest children and families.  We focus on a few, potent strategies to support the county's pursuit of significantly improved kindergarten readiness, primarily focusing on the distribution of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire, helping parents understand how their child is developing.  Other strategies focus on activities that influence innovative and collaborative partnerships that promote school readiness for children and families.

Jessamine CECC
Contact: Debbie Cumbie
The Jessamine CECC seeks to increase school readiness by age five through the following activities:  Community Early Childhood Resource Fair, Family Education Workshops, Child Care Provider Trainings and Events, and mini-grant stipends for Center Coordinator professional development and for materials that increase the quality of care in their center.  The Early Childhood Resource Fair will promote positive early childhood care and education.  The Family Education Workshops will provide an opportunity to learn ways to prepare children for kindergarten.  The Child Care Provider Trainings and Events will provide local child care providers with optimum and accessible trainings stressing kindergarten readiness. 

Johnson CECC
Contact: Elizabeth Walker
Our goal is to continue to work toward our implemented strategies of enhancing school readiness and early literacy skills, increasing physical activity and improving the nutritional status of our young children. We will achieve these goals by offering community activities to educate our children, parents and childcare staff on issues that will enrich child development, ensure school success and educate on strategies to combat the growing epidemic of obesity in our community.

Contact: Kimberly Anderson
Due to LaRue County’s low literacy and the importance of quality early education for future success, LaRue County Early Childhood Council (LCECC) focuses on pre-kindergarten children, families, caregivers and community awareness to improve early childhood education with a special emphasis on early literacy at home, parent/child interactions, improving learning environments, supporting families, creating community awareness of the importance of early childhood education and encouraging the collection and use of data to insure all children enter school ready to learn.  Monthly activities for families, monthly messages to community members, regular communication with and support for childcare centers will insure that early childhood education is a priority in our community. 
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Lawrence CECC
Contact: Rhonda Colvin
Lawrence County Community Early Childhood Council is a collaborative team of community partners who work to plan and implement strategic activities that will promote partnerships with families and community members to exemplify the significance of school readiness and quality childcare as defined by the Kentucky Department of Education.  We believe that by equipping our earliest learners for success we will be investing in their future success in life.

Lewis CECC
Contact: Lisette Clark
In order to increase the quality of early childhood programming and the understanding of School Readiness as defined by KDE, the Lewis County CECC will implement a plan that includes joint public awareness and professional development opportunities, and comprehensive data collection and reporting.  Our focus will be all preschool aged children.​

 Lincoln CECC
Contact: Amanda Gearhart​
The Lincoln County CECC works with local child care providers in Lincoln County to improve the quality of care within the child care setting.  This is done by serving as an educational resource for providers.  The council also sponsors high quality trainings for providers.  The council continually strives to promote the STARS program for providers by providing mini-grants for STARS participation.  The council also provides literacy and math materials for centers. 

Livingston CECC
Contact: Nora Cherry​
The Livingston County CECC will build on parent engagement activities to more closely align community resources in developing the six protective factors from the Kentucky Strengthening Families multidisciplinary partnership.  Connecting community resources in order to strengthen protective factors in our families, thus impacting school readiness is key in Livingston County.  We will sustain partnerships, promote quality early care, enlist community support for school readiness, and provide materials, training, and information for the outcome of better basic foundations for young children.  

Madison/Estill/Powell/Clark CECC
Contact: Karla Willis
The Madison/Estill CECC supports the engagement of parents, families and the community as vital partners in the achievement of school readiness goals.  The Council strives to increase School Readiness by sharing the Early Childhood Profiles with stakeholders, encouraging and supporting parents in their role as primary educators, and supporting the development of a high quality early childhood workforce.

Marion/Washington CECC
Contact: Rachel Mattingly
Debbie Spalding
The Madison/​
The goal of M/W Community Early Childhood Councils is that all young children are healthy and safe, possess the foundation that will enable school and personal success, and live in strong families that are supported and strengthened within their communities.  It is our intention to improve quality care and kindergarten readiness by offering local trainings, continuing the success of our "My First Teacher Totes", supporting our community book club, cradle school, and BORN learning programs. 
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Martin CECC
Contact: Jean Muncy
Utilizing State School Readiness goals, the MCCECC will promote early childhood literacy through a community “Unite to Read” event. To engage families and promote family health and well being, county wide “Early Childhood School Readiness" activities will be held.  Parents of newborns will receive "New Arrival Kits" upon leaving local hospitals that will support and nurture growing families.  Professional Development targeting the understanding and utilization of child screening data will be scheduled and the Council will develop and distribute a Martin County "Early Childhood Resource Guide" enhancing parent access to services.  The MCECC will also sponsor, along with other community partners, a "County Wide Baby Shower" to promote prenatal and early childhood parent education.  Pamphlets explaining the MCECC and it's goals/programs will be distributed to the health department, local doctors offices, Head Start home visits and at all MCECC events.

Mason CECC
Contact: Kathleen Mellenkamp
Contact: Mary Robinson-Griffey
Funds will be utilized to increase math, science and literacy/learning for child care providers: baby gala; mini-grants to providers; birth packets; Race to the Top bornlearning® Academy activities; and, math, science & literacy training.  Our focus will be providing teachers and parents' opportunities to increase their knowledge on how to develop skills in print awareness, alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness and oral language. 

McCracken CECC
Contact: Marianna Romero
Our council will incorporate school readiness activities through a Kindergarten Readiness event to provide parents with activities and materials to build school readiness with their children and curriculum ideas and materials to all daycare and preschool programs.  We plan to focus on providing activities and curriculum ideas to improve the language and communication skills for 4 year old children who will be entering Kindergarten.  Focus will be placed on professional development for early childcare staff to better understand and prepare children for school readiness transitions.  Multimedia resources will be used to inform and encourage participation in all school readiness activities.

 McLean CECC
Contact: Becky Atherton
McLean County CECC - The McLean County ECC is promoting school readiness through activities and parent trainings that support diverse families with children under the age of five.  This will be accomplished by: Imagination Library, Kindergarten-School Readiness kits for incoming Kindergarten, Literacy Day, "Ready, Set, Learn" bags for expectant moms, and Preschool Kindergarten Readiness Bags.

Meade CECC
Contact: Amanda Richardson 

Contact: Nancy Mitcham
The Meade County Early Childhood Council (MCCECC) will promote school readiness in children birth to five by providing access to data and supporting learning environments & families.  Outcomes/activities will The Meade County Early Childhood Council (MCCECC) will promote school readiness in children birth to five by providing access to data and supporting learning environments & families.  Outcomes/activities will include:
  • Ready to Learn - increase community awareness and partnerships
  • Fall into Kids' Fest and Kids' Fest - provide developmental screenings and readiness activities
  • Partner with Race to the Top Born Learning Academy - share resources with early education partners and families
  • Director's Lunch and Learn - support childcare providers
MCCECC will increase school readiness by collaborating with our community in an array of events that will include many organizations, families, and childcare providers.
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Mercer CECC
Contact: Kathlyn Crown-Weber
For the past two years, the Mercer County Community Early Childhood Council (MCCECC) has emphasized developing its Cradle School program, designed to work with the youngest and neediest clientele.  Now that Cradle School is established, the MCECC plans to continue to identify and recruit families through screening events, community promotions and outreach efforts.
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Montgomery CECC
Contact: Rachel Ragland
The Montgomery CECC will promote school readiness through public awareness activities, parent workshops and support to local child care providers and early childhood programs, provide professional development for child care providers, provide support to STARS rated centers and actively recruit new centers to become STARS rated, and engage families by disseminating the GOEC monthly message via our Facebook page, Montgomery County Health Dept. website, and school district website.  The council will focus on sharing information from the Early Childhood Profiles with families and community partners within our community.

Muhlenberg CECC
Contact: Vicki Yonts
Muhlenberg County SOAR CECC - The SOAR CECC in partnership with the Felix E. Martin Jr. Foundation continues to expand its many early childhood education programs in Muhlenberg County, holding fast to the belief that students who "start ahead, stay ahead."  For more information about what Muhlenberg County SOAR CECC is doing to prepare our students for successful learning experiences in school and beyond contact Vicki Yonts 270-543-0255 or email  

Nelson CECC
Contact: Rachel Blanford
Nelson - The Nelson County ECC proposes to improve quality in early care and education resulting in the attainment of kindergarten readiness by offering high quality training aligned with state standards.  In addition, the NCECC will provide a "Get Ready!" Camp for students birth to five during the summer of 2016 that will train parents to take advantage of every day learning opportunities at home and in our community. 
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Northeastern Alliance CECC
Contact: Rose-Linda Stafford
The Northeastern Alliance CECC proposes to provide seamless transition to Kindergarten by providing education or school readiness standards and parent support.  IN addition to collaboratively providing child abuse prevention and awareness activities, community baby showers, and training for Early Care and Education Professionals with our community partners.  The long term goal of the council in conjunction with the local school districts is to provide support for parents from "Diapers to Diplomas". 

Contact: Cheston Hoover​
The Ohio County CECC plans to improve early childhood education by increasing kindergarten readiness through early childhood literacy programs, mini-grants, and trainings as well as promote STARS centers by using STARS incentives.  The CECC plans to help the community enhance the awareness of early childhood literacy by promoting reading with young children at local festivals, meetings, and in partnership with the Ohio County Summer Feeding Program.

​ ​Oldham CECC
Contact: Christi Leonard​
The Council will Continue our public service educational campaign on the importance of The Council will Continue our public service educational campaign on the importance of Parental Engagement as an essential avenue to School Readiness.  We will support Environments by reaching out to our entire community providing training on engaging a child daily.  We will solicit and Engage Families through training on child engagement methods.  We will Provide Access to Data by infusing evidence-based research tools that support the correlation between parent-child engagement and a child's school readiness skills.  As a result, increased awareness of the value of engaging young children will lead to increased numbers of children ready for kindergarten.

​ ​OVEC Counties CECC
Contact: Monica Tharp​
The Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative (OVEC) Counties community Early Childhood Council promotes school readiness within Bullitt, Gallatin, Henry, Shelby, Spencer and Trimble counties through public awareness, parent training sessions, family academies, and support to local child care and early childhood programs.  The council focuses on using information gained from the Early Childhood Profiles to identify needs of families and community partners within each community.  Council activities include professional learning opportunities, providing school readiness information to families of young children, parent training sessions, and collaborating with partnering agencies/businesses to provide free screenings for children aged birth to five, with follow-up for families and child care providers.

 Owen CECC
Contact: Becky Gibson
The Owen County Early Childhood Council based on it's community needs and using the assessment data from the 2015 Early Childhood Profile, has developed a plan targeting math, science, literacy, self-help, social-emotional, and community outreach for Kindergarten Readiness to help support families and children from birth to age five.  The events will focus on family engagement and exposure to school readiness resources and activities.​

Pendleton CECC
Contact: Kelly Staten
Pendleton - The Pendleton County CECC will build collaborative partnerships to promote School Readiness for children and families by providing professional development for child care providers, including access to and training on Developmentally Appropriate activities and screenings to support School Readiness; promoting early literacy by providing books to the HANDS program, hosting a Community Wide Literacy Fair and the Early Education Forum; providing support to STARS rated centers and actively recruit new centers; and engaging families by disseminating information via our website, monthly email and mailings, and community programs such as Early Childhood Forum and the Community Wide Baby Shower.

Perry/Leslie/Knott/Letcher CECC
Contact: Nancy Combs
The newly combined LKLP CECC will accomplish the goal of creating and supporting a more integrated, higher-quality early childhood system of services by providing contracted staff to support and champion the work of the council. In addition, CECC funds will be utilized to leverage additional community resources to provide strategic mini-grants in the community and a new regional conference that will improve quality, coordination of efforts and awareness in all community stakeholders. The LKLP CECC will work collaboratively to integrate a robust communication plan to inform parents and the community at large about the essential components of school readiness and the resources available to ensure every child enters school ready to succeed and flourish.

Contact: Shelly Justice-Fouts
The Pike County CECC strives to promote Kindergarten Readiness in our area by supporting our local child care programs through mini-grants for training and program materials.  The Pike County CECC will also give support to the Appalachian Pregnancy Care Center to purchase educational materials for new families.

Pulaski CECC
Contact: Carol Q. Sexton
Pulaski - Our Mission:  To improve the quality of life for all children birth to age 5 in Pulaski County through initiatives on early care, school readiness, and strengthening families.
Working with Pulaski County's 2014 Early Childhood Profile provided by the Kentucky Governor's Office of Early Childhood we are seeking to improve all 5 domains with special emphasis on physical-wellbeing and cognitive/general knowledge.  We have implemented on the 1st Saturday of each month You & Me Time for children birth to age 5 and their caregivers, a Let's Keep Moving quarterly program on gross motor skills & body parts with a certified instructor for children birth to age 5 and their caregivers, a YouTube channel, commercials with children as the stars at our local cinema, a child's hand magnet with the 5 domains, free provider trainings, CDA exam scholarships, and mini-grants for providers.

Robertson CECC
Contact: Toby Miller​
The Robertson County Early Childhood Council (RCECC) plans to implement a major "School Readiness" campaign using every form of strategic marketing available to us.  The School Readiness Gala and bags will provide opportunities and materials for parents to become actively involved in their children's early learning.  RCECC will use literature, books, speakers, and children's activities to help introduce to parents the school readiness information they need to prepare their children.  The council will also provide training opportunities for parents and child care providers in the county.

Rockcastle CECC
Contact: Twila Burdette
Contact: Cassandra Slate 
The Rockcastle CECC will continue our focus on raising and maintaining membership, providing professional development opportunities for all early childhood educators across the settings, specifically directed at age appropriate curriculum, and continuing our efforts to raise awareness of school readiness and early literacy throughout the community and families of young children.

 Rowan CECC
Contact: Sara Stone

The Rowan County CECC will be doing everything possible to ensure our young children are school-ready.  We will accomplish this by providing high quality, free trainings and assessment tools for childhood professionals.  Rowan County also plans to improve communication between providers and families by distributing development assessment guides to families.  A school readiness parent engagement event will stress the importance of families being involved in a child's education.

 Russell CECC
Contact: Lynae Riggins

Russell - The Russell CECC strives to provide all children in our community the resources necessary to ensure School Readiness.  Through strong community partner collaborations, the CECC will provide community events that focus on building skills that not only strengthen families, but provide materials to enhance learning experiences within the home.  Mini-grant funding will provide opportunity to strengthen child care family connections through backpack learning programs that include science, math, and literacy enhancing manipulatives.  Numerous community partners are dedicated to building a positive environment allowing all children to obtain the necessary resources to achieve School Readiness skills and knowledge.

Tri County CECC
Contact: Emma Wilson​
The Tri-County CECC works throughout Laurel, Knox and Whitley counties in collaboration with STARS to improve the quality of early childhood education environments, increase STARS participation and ratings.  The CECC strives to promote alignment with the Kentucky Learning Standards and the school readiness definition.  The CECC offers high quality professional development aligned with state initiatives addressing the needs of the children and families in the Tri-County CECC area.  The CECC works in collaboration with community partners to encourage and enhance relationships between child care, preschool and the local school systems in an effort to increase awareness of school readiness and strengthen family engagement.

Trigg CECC
Contact: Molly Oliver

The Trigg County CECC recognizes the importance of school readiness and is committed to raising awareness in our community, supporting families and high quality environments.  Our council partners with the local school system and various community organizations to provide our United Way bornLearning Academy, Ready Set Kindergarten Workshops, provider trainings and mini-grants.  Through the building of collaborative partnerships, we can respond to the diverse needs of our children and families by providing materials and resources necessary to prepare them for school and a lifetime of success.

Union CECC
Contact: Janet Gill
Union - The Union County CECC goal is to improve quality in early care and education with an end result of increasing the number of children who are kindergarten ready by providing families with early childhood resource kits, DVDs on School Readiness, wall charts entitled "365 Activities for Families", having a county-wide family math, literacy and wellness event and providing high quality training to providers to improve programs in child care and preschool centers.

United 4 Kids CECC
Contact: Pam Cornelius
The United 4 Kids Community Early Childhood Council aims to enhance the quality of early care and education through supporting efforts to promote school readiness, from birth, for families and children in Breathitt, Lee, Owsley and Wolfe Counties.

Warren CECC
Contact: Beth Schaeffer
During 2016, the Warren County CECC activities will focus on increasing the number of children scoring ready on the Language Development domain and overall ready on the kindergarten readiness screener.  CECC projects for the year will include support of the Readiness Matters website and associated promotional materials (with translations to Spanish); distribution of parent activity curriculum; support of the Dolly Parton Imagination Library; and an Early Childhood Profile release event.  Professional development of the early care community, with associated materials for participants, will occur on the following topics:  language development, adult/child interactions, Strengthening Families Framework, and Early Learning Leadership. 

Wayne CECC
Contact: Kim Lasley​
Wayne - The Wayne County CECC is striving to increase kindergarten readiness in our community through several initiatives: Little Cardinal Academy (a program for parents and children ages 3-4), Imagination Library, and the Child Plus Fair.  We also offer mini grants to local child care centers as well as professional development opportunities.  Our focus is to help all local centers to increase or maintain their STAR rating.

​Webster CECC
Contact: Mary Powell
Webster County - The Webster County ECC proposes to improve quality in early care and education resulting in the attainment of kindergarten readiness by offering training aligned with state initiatives, increasing S.T.A.R.S. participation by effectively marketing S.T.A.R.S. through mini-grants to providers, and by providing training to providers to improve language and literacy activities and programs in centers.

Woodford CECC
Contact: Kathy C. Hogg
Woodford - The Woodford County Community Early Childhood Council will promote school readiness by continuing to build community partnerships to create outreach and education efforts.  We will continue the "Never Too Early Fun Fair" to reach families with children age birth-5 with learning activities, resources, and developmental information.  We will also provide training and high quality learning materials to childcare professionals, provide learning activities and books to families, provide developmental screenings, and maintain an internet presence where families and communities can access developmental and readiness information, as well as early childhood data.
Governor's Office of Early Childhood - 125 Holmes St. - Frankfort, KY 40601 - (502)782-0200