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Adair CECC
Contact: Lee Ann Jessie
Adair- Adair County seeks to establish a Community Early Childhood Council to build collaborative partnerships that will support quality early learning environments, engage and support families and boost school readiness for all Adair County children from birth to age five. The council has developed activities and programs to address a variety of identified early childhood issues including safety, health, family engagement, learning environments, training and school readiness.

 Allen/Logan/Simpson CECC
Contact: Lynn Rottstedt
Allen/Logan/Simpson- The Allen/Logan/Simpson Council Community Early Childhood Council seeks to improve school readiness in our area by engaging families, offering professional development opportunities to providers that will include resource kits and provide mini grants to STAR rated centers. To address our school readiness areas of concern we will focus on Language/Communication and Physical Well-Being and provide an overview the CLASS Observation tool which focuses on emotional support, classroom, organization and instructional support. We also plan to disseminate data such as the Early Childhood Profiles to providers, families, and community stakeholders via our website, emails and other forms of communication.  

 Anderson CECC
Contact: Joan Martin
Anderson- This project will be named “Language, Learning and Literacy for 3s and 4s.” The Anderson County CECC (ACCECC) will conduct and support activities and trainings, and provide materials and books that will encourage families, childcare providers, school staff, and community partners, such as the Health Department, extension service, and the library, to work together to promote language, learning, and literacy among the county’s 3 & 4 year old population.

Barren CECC
Contact: Patty Gentry
Barren-The Barren County CECC will provide language and literacy materials and school readiness information to families in the service area through the annual Baby Safety Shower, Wal-Mart Baby Fair, and distribution at local grocery stores. Training on the Ages and Stages screening instrument will be offered to child care programs, CECC members, and community ages to increase the number of young children screened. Training on language and literacy and developmentally appropriate classroom materials will be provided for area child care programs. Mini-grant materials for STARS rated programs will be provided to enable them to increase their environmental rating scale scores.

Contact: Gloria Metz
Contact: Michele Johnson
Bath-The Bath Community Early Childhood Council will provide opportunities for child care providers and families to access resources, trainings and materials that will increase school readiness skills and awareness. Opportunities will include a six hour training for child care providers on school readiness, parents education classes for teen parents, school readiness workshops for parents and incoming kindergarten students, mini-grants for day care centers to improve school readiness activities in their center and materials and resources for kindergarten readiness programs.

Bell/Harlan CECC
Contact: Tammy Bryant
Bell/Harlan- In an effort to promote better outcomes for young children and families in our communities, the Bell/Harlan Community Early Childhood Council will address the importance of school readiness through its continued efforts to increase Council membership, foster family involvement in early care and education, provide data driven professional development opportunities across early childhood settings, and improve the quality of early childhood learning environments.

Boone CECC
Contact: Rebekah Duchette
Boone- The Boone County Community Early Childhood Council proposes to increase kindergarten readiness and parent engagement through the following projects: Two professional development series, Early Childhood Fair, Two Super Saturday professional development days, Four Parent Café series, Developmental Screening in 13 ECE programs and at 2 community events, Marketing around kindergarten readiness and STARS participation, strategic distribution and use of the Parent Guides, implementation of a communications plan, parent education project in collaboration with child care and member agencies.

Bourbon CECC
Ashlee McCoy
Bourbon- The Bourbon County ECC proposes to improve quality in early care and education resulting in the attainment of kindergarten readiness by offering high quality training aligned with state initiatives, increasing STARS participation by effectively marketing STARS through mini grants to providers, and by providing training to providers to improve language and literacy activities and programs in centers.

Bracken CECC
Contact: Stephanie Hamilton
Bracken- The mission of the newly constituted Bracken County Early Childhood Council is to implement a plan of community engagement that promotes family health and well-being, partnership, training, and improvement in sharing data among all stakeholders. It is our vision that all Bracken County children will enter school with the opportunity of readiness through public awareness, family engagement and partnership, and access to community sponsored events including health and wellness.

Butler/Edmonson CECC
Contact: Daisy Bishop
Butler/Edmonson- The Butler-Edmonson Counties Community Early Childhood Council is proposing Project GET READY! a project which will offer children and families the opportunity to participate in a developmental screening process. Training for early care and education professionals, community members and families will be offered and the CECC will sponsor the distribution of an approved screening tool. The CECC will make arrangements for accurate scoring and appropriate follow up with all families participating. The CECC will continue to support the O.W.L. program offered by the Family Resource Center and designed as a family, child learning time, and support local on-going professional development and initiatives to enhance quality environments.

Calloway CECC
Contact: Leisha Stetson
Calloway-The Calloway County Early Childhood Council will work on several initiatives in the 2014 year. The focus will be hosting a Community Early Childhood Fair, Supporting the Dolly Parton Imagination Library Program, Childcare Trainings and Kindergarten Transition Nights, Supporting HANDS Participation and Toyota BornLearning Academy Participation. The Council will continue the Book Project to provide literacy and ongoing training for providers, parents and council members. In addition, the Calloway County Early Childhood Council will be implementing a Communication/Media Plan to ensure that all interested parties are getting consistent and factual information to support school readiness.

Campbell/Grant/Kenton CECC
Contact: Sadie Bonifas
Campbell/Grant/Kenton- The Campbell, Grant and Kenton Counties CECC proposes activities for 2014 that continue to promote school readiness for children and families respond to community needs based on the Early Childhood Profile and align to the priorities of the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood. Those activities include: professional development and regional implementation of the Brigance developmental screener; kindergarten summits amongst libraries to support the language development in child care; three literacy fairs that include screening and community resources; and marketing on STARS for KIDS Now and kindergarten readiness.

Carroll CECC
Contact: Pam McNeal
Carroll- We will expand our Panther Tots STEAM Club for families of young children to engage them in early learning experiences focused on state kindergarten readiness standards. Working collaboratively with community businesses, community agencies, and non-profits, we will provide monthly learning experiences to model quality home learning environments, foster curiosity, develop language, and enhance concept understanding. Parents will receive standards, readiness goals, and milestones; discuss their child’s data based on screening; and connect with resources.

Casey CECC
Contact: Jennifer Godbey
Casey- Using the 2013 Casey County Early Childhood Profile as a guide, the local council is responding to the RFA to promote school readiness by designing, implementing and evaluating innovative and effective activities. The Casey County Early Childhood Council is requesting funding of $7,900.00 for three capacity building school readiness initiatives; professional learning and leadership development initiative, family engagement imitative focusing on school readiness, data analysis initiate for decision making.

Christian CECC
Contact: Dianne Glasscock
Christian- Continue Supporting families: parent education program within high poverty neighborhoods- School Readiness focus; ASQ expanded to child care programs to increase parent access to data; 1000 books provided to children attending literacy activities; LoveTalkPlay- everyday ways to give your child a great start in life and school given at Community Baby Shower & early intervention programs; milestone magnets disseminated during Reach for the STARS. New focus: Early Literacy-Sister Programs/mentoring to forge relationships between private and public programs, increase quality training access, literacy scores and number ‘ready’ for kindergarten. Backpacks with readiness resources given to school with lowest scores to impact both home and organized learning environments.

Contact: Jennifer Gates
Clay-The Clay County Early Childhood Council promotes high quality early learning environments and engages families. Activities: disseminate age appropriate cognitive/general knowledge/math materials; Promote literacy- Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, Lending Library, Bookmobile; KIDS NOW/community partner collaboration; Increase screenings/assessments/curriculum in formal/informal settings; facilitate local trainings/events for Parent Engagement/school readiness; Improve quality/access to Licensed/Certified Child Care- STARS participation, improved environmental rating scores. These activities will lead to greater school readiness by reaching these outcomes: Increase School Ready percentage; Improve Kindergarten readiness in Cognitive/General Knowledge domain; improve quality early care; Increase family engagement, support training.

Clinton CECC
Contact: Sandra Pharis
Clinton- In its first year, efforts of the Clinton County Community Early Childhood Council will target awareness of the school readiness definition and promoting the kindergarten screener. By promoting strategies to enhance school readiness and developmentally appropriate practice by educators, providers, and families, the Clinton County CECC hopes to increase the number of children entering school excited and eager to learn. Furthermore, the establishment of the CECC provides the opportunity to increase awareness of the role that the community as a whole has in preparing children to be successful in school and in life.

Cumberland CECC
Contact: Rebecca Scott
Cumberland- To promote the importance of early childhood in Cumberland County and to further develop the identity of the Cumberland County Community Early Childhood Council; Hold an annual event to promote the importance of early childhood in Cumberland County and to further the identity of CCCECC within the community.

Daviess CECC
Contact: Linda Wahl
Daviess-The Daviess County Community Early Childhood Council will promote school readiness through outreach to families with children under age five. This will be accomplished through the following: Parents are Building Blocks to a Child’s School Success Project: Building A Strong Foundation for School Success: Distributing the following: Magnets (School Success Magnets); School Readiness DVD’s; Activities Calendar for Families; STARS promotion- bus wrap; Project coordinator- invoicing, ordering; Annual CECC Retreat-2 people.

Fayette CECC
Contact: Tammy Ritchie
Contact: Whitney Stevenson
Fayette-The Fayette County Community Early Childhood Council (FCECC) will improve outcomes for young children and families by providing parent education starting with the families of infants and toddlers in order to help prepare children for successful preschool and kindergarten experiences. The FCCECC will also provide resources to parents for child development, knowledge, and quality early childhood care, as well as social media presence in the Fayette County community for families and early childhood educators.  
Fleming CECC
Contact: Michelle Alexander
Fleming-The Fleming County Early Childhood Council (FCECC) strives to provide quality care and educational opportunities for families and children. It’s important that each child enter school ready to engage in early learning experiences to promote success. FCECC provides opportunities for parents to become actively involved in their child’s early learning to promote an overall health and educational development. Providers are also given opportunities to participate in early learning experiences for children I their care. Endeavors include literacy projects for children and parents; school readiness activities for children and their parent, and mini grant and training opportunities for STARS rated providers.

Floyd CECC
Contact: Jonathan Campbell
Floyd- Based upon the success and strengths of the previous year projects the council will expand upon the 3R’s of Kentucky’s school readiness definition (Ready to Grow/Ready to Learn/Ready to Succeed) and proposes to continue an awareness campaign through implementing two focus events and an Early Childhood Fair in some of the isolated communities of our rural county along with media campaign to engage businesses and families not reached by current programs. A 3R Project Leader will be helping to coordinate planning for the events, maintain our website presence, and assist in the material preparation for the project.

Four River CECC
Contact: Melissa Goodman
Four Rivers-The Four River Counties CECC plans to provide support, resources and education to ensure all children in our service area enter school eager and excited to learn. “Grow-Learn-Succeed”-Every child ready: Promote school readiness through dissemination of a community resource brochure and offer readiness resource libraries; Supports high quality learning environments through strategic use of incentives and professional development based on the five domains of school readiness specifically early literacy and math; Targeted family events and educational opportunities that build capacity for intentional engagement and kindergarten transition; Provide access to data through targeted community developmental screenings.

Franklin CECC
Contact: Christy Brock
Franklin-The FCCECC will promote school readiness by screening 4 year old children in early care and education settings in order to assist staff in determining high priority learning goals. The data will also be shared with parents and linked to a variety of educational resources for home instruction. The FCCECC will collaborate with the Paul Sawyer Library programs and quality child care programs in an effort to reach families where English is not the primary language spoken in the home. The FCCECC will support effective training opportunities for early care and education providers by offering 2 Super Saturday trainings along with information about the importance of becoming a Star Rated program.

Garrard CECC
Contact: Angie Wagoner
Garrard-The Garrard County Early Childhood Council (GECCO) will focus on three goals: Improve children’s school readiness; Increase collaboration to improve the environment and support families; improve communication with all stakeholders to increase understanding about school readiness. These goals, developed collaboratively with council members will be met through the following activities: regular meetings of the GECCO, collaborative literacy training with childcare providers and pre-school teachers, the purchase of common school readiness kits and instructional materials for childcare providers and preschool centers, attendance at all relevant conferences and webinars, and communication of information about school readiness to all parents/stakeholders in our school district.

Gateway CECC
Contact: Martina Roe
Gateway- Gateway Community Early Childhood Council embraces the Governor’s efforts in supporting school readiness. Our primary goal is to increase opportunities for families, schools, and community partners. Our mission is to ensure supports are available that promotes high quality learning environments by conducting screenings and providing results to local educational programs for planning and programming purposes. We plan to inform, train, and engage families on the importance of brain development, school readiness, and quality care. We will also establish community partnerships to build upon the foundation for early learning experiences which will all result in positive outcomes for children.

Graves/Marshall CECC
Contact: Linda Lamb
Graves- Council to Community “Leaping into Literacy” is the focus of the Graves/Marshall Council by: Offering training and resources to families, promoting school readiness throughout the community, using family friendly symbolic modules to encourage parents to be involved in their child’s education and literacy development; Strengthening provider resources through professional development trainings which include child safety, early education and the importance of transitions in the early stages of childhood; Collection and dispersal of pertinent early education data for the Graves and Marshall County areas to families and childcare centers focusing on the strengths and needs within the communities; Promoting family health and well-being through the collaboration of “Healthy Kids Day”; Encouraging STARS growth and development.

Grayson CECC
Contact: Barbara Allen
Grayson County CECC proposes to identify unregulated in-home providers, offer all providers training/resources, promote earning STARS ratings, increase distribution of early childhood school readiness information, free books and math supplies for 0-3 year olds, conduct a library literacy event ensuring improved developmental growth and learning of children resulting in a 15% increase by 2015 in the number of children entering Kindergarten school ready, provide access to screener data and early childhood profile resulting in 20% increase in awareness and use of support services. By empowering families, providers and the community through knowledge, children succeed.

Green/Taylor CECC
Contact: Sue Crabtree
The Green Taylor CECC promotes school readiness by building community partnerships to support development of young children in organized child care, and by encouraging family engagement for all children, and raising awareness of the importance of school readiness throughout the community. Council activities include distributing information to new and expectant parents at hospitals, Crisis Pregnancy Center, parent classes, Family Resource and Youth Services Centers, grandparent support groups, public libraries, and through Health Department programs, providing professional development opportunities for early care and education providers, and increasing early care and education programs participation in STARS for KIDS NOW.

Hancock CECC
Contact: Jana Allen
The council intends to increase school readiness and provide support for families through the following projects: building a strong foundation for school success parent magnets; school readiness DVDs; daily activities calendar for families; mini-grants for parent involvement activity; and promotion of STARS and the Early Childhood Data Profile. The council understand a key component to school readiness if the involvement of the parent. Through distribution of activity packets at parent involvement events, increased community awareness through promotion of the Early Childhood Profile and high quality childcare with the STARS promotion, parents and school can partner for early school success.

Hardin CECC
Contact: Kathy King
Contact: Sandra Maldonado
Hardin County CECC proposes to support Get Ready! A summer programs focused on learning for children birth through age five; parent awareness of how children learn through play; and child care teacher training and support.

Hart/Metcalfe/Monroe CECC
Contact: Lynn Blankenship
The 2013 Hart Metcalfe Monroe CECC will provide the Parent Guides to the Kentucky Early Childhood Standards, children’s books, and toys to teen parents through existing programs offered by high schools, parents on WIC, and parents attending local baby shower events. New this year will be the provision of a full day of face-to-face training social emotional and cognitive development for area child care providers with classroom materials for programs who have staff attend the training. Mini-grants for STARS rated programs will be offered again and school readiness posters with activity cards will be placed in the communities.

Henderson CECC
Contact: Aleisha Sheridan
Continuation/Enhancement of Parent Academy; increase knowledge of Building A Strong Foundation for School Success; promote Imagination Library; continuation of Birthday Bags; family literacy/math day; STARS promotion; promotion of community resource guide; professional development trainings; promotion of school readiness definition; promotion of early childhood health and wellness; and promotion of early childhood and nature activities.

Hopkins CECC
Contact: April Grace
The Hopkins County CECC, in a collaborative community effort, will work to provide educational resource materials and training to families and child care professionals, on school readiness skills for children 0-5 years of age. The theme for the upcoming year is “School Readiness Begins at Birth.” Activities include conducting a school readiness training/professional development session for families and child care providers, hosting a School Readiness Fair, and providing mini-grants for resource materials to child care providers. A communication plan has been developed to inform the community of the council’s activities.

Jackson CECC
Contact: Valorie Gabbard
The Jackson County CECC has set their primary goals as one of continuing and sustaining an innovative and collaborative partnership with the local school systems, private and public, and community entities that will be conducive to promoting and supporting school readiness for children and their families. The Jackson County CECC will continue to focus on supporting the establishment, expansion and enhancement of high quality learning environments in all schools, day care centers and Head Start/Pre-schools. The CECC will also continue to expand. Enhance and support family based programs; as well as, expanding and enhancing the ability to access/exchange data between the school system and child care providers. The collaborative actions with community partners will be continued and expanded to develop and implement activities that will prepare children and families for school and continue the process of alignment with Kentucky’s Early Learning Standards; all for guaranteed success in the future.

Jefferson CECC
Contact: Julie Leezer
To ensure all children are ready for Kindergarten, JCCECC will partner with local organizations to continue a community-wide screening project using the Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ). After completing the ASQ, parents and caregivers will better understand how their child is progressing and will be provided with steps to ensure school readiness. Community partners will provide trainings on family engagement and professional development to enhance social/emotional readiness. Parents and caregivers will be connected to appropriate resources to support their child's educational success. By supporting high quality learning environments, engaging families and providing access to data, JCCECC can impact Kindergarten Readiness.

Jessamine CECC
Contact: Juliana Gaddis
The Jessamine CECC seeks to increase school readiness by age five through the following activities: Community Baby Shower, Lunch and Learn Program, Creative Enrichment Opportunities, Parent Education Classes, and Child Care Provider Trainings and Events. The Community Baby Shower will promote positive prenatal care and education. The Lunch and Learn program will support physical health and general knowledge development. The Creative Enrichment Opportunities will foster creative arts expression. The Parent Education Classes will provide an opportunity to learn ways to prepare children for kindergarten, and the Child Care Provider Trainings and Events will provide local child care providers with optimum and accessible trainings stressing kindergarten readiness.

Johnson CECC
Contact: Janet Bucher
Our goal is to continue to work toward our implemented strategies of enhancing school readiness and early literacy skills, increasing physical activity and improving the nutritional status of our young children. We will achieve these goals by offering community activities to educate our children, parents and childcare staff on issues that will enrich child development, ensure school success and educate on strategies to combat the growing epidemic of obesity in our community.

Contact: Sarah Hornback
Due to LaRue County’s low literacy and the importance of quality early education for future success, LaRue CECC will focus on pre-kindergarten children, families, caregivers and community awareness to improve early childhood education with a special emphasis on early literacy at home, parent/child interactions, improving learning environments, supporting families, creating community awareness of the importance of early childhood education and encouraging the collection and use of data to ensure all children enter school ready to learn. Monthly activities for families, monthly messages to community members, regular communication and support for childcare centers will ensure that early childhood education is a priority in our community.

Lawrence CECC
Contact: Tammy Lamaster
Lawrence County CECC will implement strategic activities that exemplify the significance of school readiness and quality childcare as defined by KDE. The council plans to do this by developing and implementing a cooperative plan of action. The council will implement and plan targeted professional development opportunities, public awareness campaigns, holistic family education, as well as events to connect families to resources and community partnerships. The council plans to acquire, utilize and share data to ensure effectiveness and fidelity of activities.

Lewis CECC
Contact: Lisette Clark
In order to increase the quality of early childhood programming and the understanding of School Readiness as defined by KDE, the Lewis County CECC will implement a plan that includes joint public awareness and professional development opportunities, and comprehensive data collection and reporting. Our focus will be teen mothers and children in our county.

Lincoln CECC
Contact: Lee Ann Taylor
Increase STARS participation; increase the variety of educational opportunities for providers, each center having all staff trained in CPR; family backpack educational program.

Livingston CECC
Contact: Tammy Sayle
The Livingston County CECC will utilize awarded state grant funds and in-kind matching funds to sustain partnerships, promote quality early care, enlist community support for School Readiness, and provide materials, training, and information for the outcome of better basic foundations for young children. In order to accomplish this outcome, the council will partner with identified community organizations and implement a plan for building future partnerships; carry out a strategic communication plan encompassing the Governor’s Task Force on Early Childhood information; and provide incentives, information, and training for caregivers and educators that all build stronger foundations for children.

Madison/Estill/Powell/Clark CECC
Contact: John Roden
This CECC recognizes and had prioritized the engagement of parents, families and the community as vital partners in the achievement of school readiness goals. In order to increase the quality of early childhood programming and the understanding of School Readiness within the region as defined by KDE, the CEMP CECC will implement specific activities that include: joint public awareness campaigns through sharing Early Childhood Profiles with stakeholders, encouraging and supporting parents in their role as primary educators, and supporting the development of a high quality early childhood workforce.

Marion/Washington CECC
Contact: Amanda Carney
Expand Literacy programs in our communities; review and revise existing training/stipend program; review and revise existing mini-grant program.

Martin CECC
Contact: Patricia Elliott
Utilizing State School Readiness goals, the MCCECC will promote early childhood literacy through a community “Unite to Read” event. To engage families and promote family health and well being, a county wide “Early Childhood School Readiness and Health Fair” will be held. Parents of newborns will receive “New Arrival Kits” upon leaving local hospitals that will support and nurture growing families. Professional Development targeting the understanding and utilization of child screening data will be scheduled and the Council will develop and distribute a Martin County “Early Childhood Resource Guide” enhancing parent access to services.

Mason CECC
Contact: Kathleen Mellenkamp
Funds will be utilized to increase literacy/learning for child care providers: reading fest; mini-grants to providers; and, literacy training. Our focus will be providing teachers and parents’ opportunities to increase their knowledge on how to develop skill in print awareness, alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness and oral language.

McCracken CECC
Contact: Allison Clark
Our council will incorporate school readiness activities through a community event to provide parents with activities to build school readiness with their children and curriculum ideas and materials to all daycare and preschool programs. We plan to focus on providing activities and curriculum ideas to improve the language and communication skills for 4 year old children who will be entering Kindergarten in 2014. Focus will be placed on professional development for early childcare staff to better understand and prepare children for school readiness transitions. Multimedia resources will be used to inform and encourage participation in all school readiness activities.

McCreary CECC
Contact: Vickie Jones
Co-chair: Ruby Hamlin
The McCreary County CECC will execute every effort towards improving the quality of early child care education by offering training and technical assistance on the implementation of the KY Early Childhood Standards. The Council will offer mini-grants to its providers to assist in developing and implementing an early childhood partnership within its county. The council will use motivation techniques to encourage family engagements; will implement online documentation tools for early education, Teaching Strategies Gold/The Brigance; will establish partnership within the Public School System communicating screening/assessments and collaboration.  

Contact: Becky Atherton
The project will promote School Readiness through community outreach literacy projects such as Imagination Library and Family Literacy Day with free books and age appropriate educational activities. “Building a Strong Foundation for School Success: Parent Guide magnets,” “Daily Activities calendar for Families,” and School Readiness DVDs will be distributed at community events and through local agencies serving preschool children.

Meade CECC
Contact: Nancy Mitcham
The Meade County CECC will work to promote school readiness in children birth to five by supporting high quality learning environments and engaging families. Activities will include: offering environment rating scale training to promote high quality learning environments; supporting existing programs such as “Toddler Time” at the Meade County Public Library and visits by the Bookmobile to Head Start and childcare centers with activities and resources for parents that focus on the five developmental areas of school readiness; and literacy day with activities for infants/toddlers, preschoolers and their families to promote learning at home.

Mercer CECC
Contact: Ann Goodwin
The establishment of a Cradle School program for parents and children 0-3 through the FRCs of both school systems; a literacy initiative, BEAR (Be Excited About Reading) coupled with the Mercer County Schools Summer Feeding Program; the continuation and expansion of a parenting group resulting from a recent collaborative Mercer-Burgin bornlearning grant; the formation of a website for the Mercer CECC as a source of parenting information for families with children 0-4; a series of identification and recruitment events enabling council members to identify, recruit and refer those families with young children most at-risk due to economic circumstance, poor language environments and/or other qualifying characteristics; and an early childhood resource library which could be used at many MCECC events providing information on parenting practices, special needs, learning activities, discipline, health and nutrition issues, etc.

Montgomery CECC
Contact: Suzanne Ross
The Montgomery County CECC requests grant monies to fund projects designed to improve early childhood care and education and support efforts toward school readiness by improving learning environments and supporting local families. Projects will focus on parental involvement, early literacy, math and science education, Sign Language, substance exposed infants for child care providers, and promotion of STARS for KIDS NOW.

Muhlenberg CECC
Contact: Vicki Yonts
With our district administering the Brigance Early Childhood Screening for the first time this year we will be able to evaluate from the ‘get go’. The CECC will work closely with an organization called SOAR (Strategies Opportunities Advantage Resources) to help children and families be prepared for school. The CECC will be called SOAR CECC a Subcommittee of SOAR. Educating and encouraging parents/guardians will be top priority. We plan to work diligently with existing organizations and partner with all early childhood education programs in the community.

Nelson CECC
Contact: Bonnie Cecil
The Nelson CECC proposes a three prong approach to support school readiness: “Kindergarten 101” is the vehicle that will address stake holder partnerships, identify and meet community needs, gather and share data and support for early care providers and their families; mini-grants based on STARS ratings and school readiness activities to improve the early learning environment and fill in gaps in the self-help and social/emotional domains; and “Jump Start Camp” to engage the community, families, early care centers and to distribute resource information and books.

Northeastern Alliance CECC
Contact: Rose-Linda Stafford
The Northeastern Alliance CECC is requesting grant funds to provide seamless transition to Kindergarten by providing education of school readiness standards and parent support. In addition to collaboratively providing child abuse prevention and awareness activities, community baby showers, and training for Early Care and Education Professional with our community partners. The Alliance will host a Brigance Pilot Project to support instruction and ensure children are school ready. The Alliance will also continue its focus on supporting newly rated STARS child care centers as well as those who have consistently maintained their rating thus ensuring quality care is available for all children.

Contact: Kara Bullock
Continued funding for Imagination Library to promote literacy; Brigance Early Childhood Screener Kits and training to improve school readiness; market STARS at community events; Parents are Building Blocks to a Child’s School Success project; Building A Strong Foundation for School Success: Magnets (School Success Magnets); School Readiness DVDs. To inform, educate and model activities parents can do with their children; STARS participation incentives; provide books for Celebrate the Child to promote literacy and language development; provide physical activity materials for the Longest Day of Play; CECC retreat; project coordinator.

OVEC Counties CECC
Contact: Mary Comer
The OVEC CECC will promote school readiness with Gallatin, Henry, Shelby, Spencer and Trimble counties through public awareness activities, parent training sessions and support to local child care providers and early childhood programs. The council will focus on sharing information from the Early Childhood Profiles with families and community partners within each county represented. Activities will also include collaborating with partnering agencies and businesses to provide free developmental and health screening of children ages birth to five, with follow-up for families and child care providers.

Contact: Peggy Winkle
Contact: Kathy Resetar
The Owen County CECC proposes activities for 2013-2014 that shows need for our community utilizing the data from the 2013 Early Childhood Profile. The profile shows a need for reading development, and a lack of services provided for children ages 0-4 that would benefit them for preparation for kindergarten. Using our Early Childhood Profile results from 2013, the council will concentrate on school readiness activities that will prepare all children in Owen County that enters school ready to benefit from early learning experiences that best promote the child’s early success by focusing on a kindergarten readiness fair in the fall and a Dr. Seuss Story Walk in the spring.

Pendleton CECC
Contact: Kelly Staten
The Pendleton County CECC will build collaborative partnerships to promote School Readiness for children and families by providing professional development for child care providers, including access to and training for the Brigance Early Childhood Screens, as well as Developmentally Appropriate activities to support School Readiness; promoting early literacy by providing books to the HANDS program ; providing support to STARS rated centers and actively recruiting new centers to become STARS rated; and engaging families by disseminating information via our website, monthly email and mailings, and community programs such as Family Literacy Night and the Community Wide Baby Shower.

Perry/Leslie/Knott/Letcher CECC
Contact: Nancy Combs
The newly combined LKLP CECC will accomplish the goal of creating and supporting a more integrated, higher-quality early childhood system of services by providing contracted staff to support and champion the work of the council. In addition, CECC funds will be utilized to leverage additional community resources to provide strategic mini-grants in the community and a new regional conference that will improve quality, coordination of efforts and awareness in all community stakeholders. The LKLP CECC will work collaboratively to integrate a robust communication plan to inform parents and the community at large about the essential components of school readiness and the resources available to ensure every child enters school ready to succeed and flourish.

Contact: Jennifer Robinson
Council will purchase Brigance Kindergarten screening tool for STARS and non STARS centers and Head Start, distribute School Readiness information to Child Care Centers and via community events, use mini grants to improve ERS rating scores, to send 2 Council members to the Annual CECC Institute, collaborate with community partners to produce biannual council newsletter, purchase curricula for community homeless shelter and pregnancy care center to be used with children and families focusing on child development, school readiness and positive parenting. Proposed activities will lead to greater school readiness awareness reaching approximately 5,000 families.

Pulaski CECC
Contact: Rachael Corriveau
Pulaski CECC will promote school readiness by working with schools, Head Stars and childcare facilities, by using council partners and community resources to provide education on approaches to learning, social and emotional development, healthy and physical well-being, and language and communication development.

Robertson CECC
Contact: Toby Miller
The Robertson CECC plans to implement a major School Readiness campaign using every form of strategic marketing available to us. School Readiness bags will entice children with games and activities. “Music and Me, ABC” will teach through songs, rhymes, stories and activities; helping to develop the whole child. CPR training for community partners, volunteers and parent volunteers will address the physical and well-being needs of the whole child. These outcomes will ensure the youngest citizens of Robertson County a better future, helping reach the long-term goals set forth by the KIDS NOW Initiative.

Rockcastle CECC
Contact: Becky Kana
The Rockcastle CECC will continue our focus on raising and maintaining membership, providing professional development opportunities for all early childhood educators across the settings, specifically directed at age appropriate curriculum, and continuing our efforts to raise awareness of school readiness and early literacy throughout the community and families of young children.

Contact: Sandy Darst
The Council will spearhead a public service educational campaign that revolves around the importance of Parental Engagement as an essential avenue to school readiness. We will support high quality learning environments by reaching out to our entire community giving them five simple steps in which to engage a child daily. We will solicit and engage families through training on the five very specific child engagement methods. We will provide access to data by infusing evidence-based research tools that support the correlation between parent-child engagement with a child’s improved development of language, communication and social-emotional skills. As a result, increased awareness of the value of engaging young children will lead to expanded numbers of children ready for kindergarten.

Russell CECC
Contact: Lynae Riggins
The Russell County CECC provides all children in our community the resources needed to ensure School Readiness. Through community events focusing on physical well-being and cognitive knowledge, the CECC will not only strengthen families, but provide manipulatives to enhance the learning experience at home. Mini-grant funding will provide an opportunity for child care providers to implement knowledge gained through training with their children all while improving physical activity and nutrition among our community. Numerous community members are joining together to build a positive environment allowing all children to obtain necessary resources to achieve School Readiness.

Contact: Kathy Wilson
The Todd County CECC wishes to help child care providers to improve services and address school readiness, transition and the STARS ratings system. Activities will focus on school readiness skills in the preschool setting and for those not enrolled in formal school settings. There will be collaboration between the local providers, the Family Resource Center, Todd County Schools, Head Start, the Military and other agencies. Children will be prepared for future successes.

Tri County CECC
Contact: Frances Woods
The Tri-County CECC shall foster school readiness by: providing parent and community education about school readiness by distributing school readiness kits to families via community events and local agencies serving that population; providing professional development opportunities and curriculum that support high quality learning environments; book fairs and distributing books to community children in continued support of Literacy; and improving the provider-family relationship in all settings through training opportunities that address the needs of families of children with special needs as well as the importance of considering the family’s perspective as we partner with them in their child’s education.

Trigg CECC
Contact: Beth Sumner
Trigg CECC will participate in activities that encourage school readiness; supporting the learning environment, support to families and providing access to data. Activities will include transition into kindergarten, a parent education workshop for 3 and 4 year olds, continuation of Teaching Strategies GOLD assessment, intentional provider trainings and mini-grants for quality classrooms. Trigg CECC will strive to increase quality child care, support directors and staff to engage in home visit sand increase community participation by studying and reflecting on the 2013 Early Childhood Profile data.

Union CECC
Contact: Janet Gill
UCECC will promote School Readiness through a community Family Literacy/Math Fair with free books and many age-appropriate educational activities; financially support Imagination Library, distribute “Parent Guides” and parent guide refrigerator magnets; distribute School Readiness definitions; create School Ready parent resource kits; provide World’s Greatest Baby Shower new moms with books for their infants; provide backpack book bags for entering at-risk kindergarteners; provide childcare training on teaching literacy and math; promote STARS and support all centers/homes with math/literacy age appropriate resources.

United 4 Kids CECC
Contact: Debbie Napier
The objectives of the UNITED 4 KIDS CECC is to work with child care providers to promote child development. In an effort to promote better outcomes for young children and families UNITED 4 KIDS will continue to address the importance of school readiness. We want to make sure that families receive support in their child nurturing responsibilities. We will work to increase council membership, foster family involvement in their child’s education. We will provide professional development opportunities to improve the quality of early childhood learning environments.

Warren CECC
Contact: Nickie Jones
To identify young children needing additional testing, the Warren CECC will offer training on scoring the Ages and Stages questionnaire, for child care providers and CECC member agencies during the 2013/2014 fiscal year. The Ages and Stages screening tool, with the social/emotional section and supplies, will be purchased for training attendees for use in screening 10% of their self-selected client population. Additionally, the CECC will provide mini-grants for STARS rated programs, continue the school readiness poster project for families by adding activity cards in Spanish, and offer a face-to-face abusive Head Trauma training to area child care providers.

Webster CECC
Contact: Mary Powell
Promote use of school readiness assessments, promotion of Imagination Library, successful school transition for upcoming Kindergarteners and their parents, marketing STARS for KIDS NOW, CECC retreat and assist in implementation of World’s Great Baby Shower.

Woodford CECC
Contact: Tori Hundley
By utilizing grant funds and collaborative resources available locally, Woodford CECC proposes to improve the quality of early care and kindergarten readiness in Woodford County by increasing availability of informational materials and training in assessment, cognitive skills, parenting practices and STARS quality ratings. Coordinated communications on child/family development topics and resources will be offered county wide in a variety of formats and media. The Ages and Stages screener will be deployed to provide guidance on training topics for parent and child care settings as well as a source of referrals to specialized agencies. Family outreach activities such as the ABC expo will provide free ASQ screening, play materials, books and readiness activates to parents of children age 0-5. Quality Triangle Teams comprised of one preschool, kindergarten and child care teacher will observe each setting and engage in a professional learning community through face to face and electronic meetings and data collection.
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