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Tools and Resources

Every professional needs to have access to the right resources and tools in order to ensure they are successful. 

Click the links below to download a copy of the tools and resources you need. (NOTE: Additional software may be necessary to view some documents.)

1.5 hr Autism 1011649 KB
20 Tips for Parents from Preschool Teachers48 KB
Assessment Guide (Upd2010)4768 KB
Assessment Guide Overview186 KB
canada_geoffrey(300)173 KB
CPIEarlyEdBooklet2198 KB
Diapers to Diplomas1886 KB
Early Care and Education Evaluation Final Report 2012-20141462 KB
ECI Floor Plan129 KB
ECIProgram20173263 KB
Executive Summary STARS Evaluation407 KB
Fadeout One Pager369 KB
Field Guide Birth to Three3377 KB
Field Guide Three to Four3210 KB
fy15-head-start-ersea-protocol244 KB
fy15-head-start-fiscal-protocol382 KB
fy2015-envhs-protocol334 KB
fy2015-hski-c-protocol433 KB
High School Course Work19 KB
Kentucky All STARS Standards of Quality branded119 KB
Kentucky Early Childhood Standards2302 KB
Kentucky Strengthening Families811 KB
KYSF 5X7 Postcard2536 KB
KYSF Fact Sheet.1.4.17653 KB
KYSF Guidance Document 4.24.14458 KB
KYSF Level of Involvement 2.8.1734 KB
KYSF PF Action Sheet Guide.4.24.173454 KB
KYSF Poster Parallel Gradient.12.5x18. KB
KYSF Poster Parallel Gradient.22 x30.4.24.17146 KB
KYSF Poster Parallel Gradient.8.5 x KB
KYSF Starter Kit PPT1833 KB
KYSF Theory of Change 2017218 KB
KYSF Trained Trainers by County- 201624 KB
KYSF trainers for GOEC website (2)41 KB
KYSF trainers for GOEC website60 KB
Lesson Planning for Infants and Toddlers32 KB
NAEYC 20131631 KB
NAEYC 20132849 KB
Parent Guide Tip Sheet (for Professionals)193 KB
Promoting Head Start and Preschool Collaboration953 KB
Protective Factor Guide.4.11.172594 KB
Provider Sample Lesson Plan Template103 KB
Quality Self Study (Rev2006)1103 KB
Quality Self Study Overview 2012277 KB
Readiness Checklist Final.2.8.17209 KB
Revised PD Framework 20111025 KB
REVISION of Final Sound Start for Communication Competence 6.17.142894 KB
Sample curriculum356 KB
Scholarship Application for Ready Kids Conference 2016128 KB
Standards Crosswalk507 KB
UK Evaluation 2012 exec sum FINAL338 KB
Workforce Pipeline88 KB